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About Us


Quality Styles Made with Love


Vintage A Go Go is a traveling boutique located inside a converted magenta, 1979 school bus. As the bus doors open, so does your mind. Vintage A Go Go lets you step back in time, with nostalgic memorabilia for artists, outlaws, old souls, stoners, wanderers, & Rock N’ Rollers to wear and express yourself loudly. You’ll be surprised to find a wardrobe staple or a missing piece to your festival ensemble. Dance around in your groovy goods and stay wild, flower child. 


We are a company that tries to follow better business practices. Finding locally sourced and produced products and using greener models of management , sustainability and responsibility to protect our natural resources is why ReCycled Fashion is the coolest.

 The fashion industry is the 2nd biggest polluting industry after oil. These harmful pollutants are also put into the things we wear. This waste is hurting our environment and also ending up in our food, medicine and many other consumer products. 

You decide what you support, by how and where you spend your money$$$$$$!

Please choose Natural, Sustainable resources or make it yourself, recycle it or go without.

Choose wisely and stay out of the mall! 

This bus is not just full of stuff. Vintage A Go Go carries treasures from places near and far, held together over time by love and care. Antiquity is beauty. Our care and kindness of the people and things around us is a reflection of our future quality of life. 

We are committed to providing you styles that have quality built in and will last through the wear and tear of your day.


Innovative Designs

Our goal is to provide a place to shop local street wear and adventure gear designed with functionality and conscientious intent . We hope to carry styles that both look and feel great.